Lauren and "Shasta"  /"Ribbon" in the window /"Blackjack" and Lexie
Llamallusion Ranch
676 County Road 480
Stephenville TX, 76401


Dandi Dawn - "Dawn"

Tressa's Ribbon - "Ribbon"

MGF Tressa - "Tressa"

Llamallusion Buttons and Bows

Llamallusion Tressure - "Tressure"

Llamallusion Butterfly - "Butterfly"

Llamallusion Tiara - "Tiara"

Cheryl with CTW Ladybug

-3S Mary Alice - "Mary"

"Ladybug" / "High Heels" / "Mary"

Lace N' High Heels - "High Heels"

CTW Ladybug - "Ladybug"

Lowe's Miss Tux N Boots - "Boots"

East Fork Conchal - "Conchal"

Llamallusion Velvet N Black - "Velvet"

Rosser Texas Wildcard - "Wildcard"

MGF Annie Oakley - "Annie"

Llamallusion Angel in Deskyes - "Skye"

Llamallusion Western Blaze - "Blaze"
with mom "Annie"

Rosser Elusive - "Lu"

Llamallusion Calamity - "Calamity"

Llamallusion De'Rayon - "De'Rayon"